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The former Beatle admitted in an interview with the October edition of Mojo magazine that even he sometimes cringes when he listens to it. Said McCartney: "I think when you allow yourself to be kind of playful, the month after or the year after, you can just think, 'Oh, maybe that was a bit too playful. Maybe I should've thought a bit more about that. But I think what has happened in rock 'n' roll has become so esteemed.

I mean, people study the s in university! Well, when we started nobody did and a record like Link Wray's ' Rumble ' didn't have to have any significance other than it was just a red-hot record. And so 'Bip Bop' was done in that vein where it was like, 'It doesn't have to be significant, it's just a bip and a bop.

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A little nonsense song. Wild Life. Some People Never Know.

I Am Your Singer. Bip Bop Link. Dear Friend. Mumbo Link. Give Ireland Back to the Irish. He goes down. I laugh.

I ask God to forgive me. I laugh more. I keep laughing at his face, cold toe and poppy seed ass. It's hard to say whether your racism or your class-envy is the more predominant aspect of your personality. Your favorite fantasy, I'm sure.

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But I notice that it's either the professionals you hate or the cleaning ladies you claim you admire that you picture performing the arduous labor -- not yourself. Wow, how CAN a person of your stature and sensitivity stand to be addressed with such blatant disrespect?! Here's an idea for you, and all the other armchair "revolutionaries" out there: go to Syria or Lybia, and fight for change.

Or shut your mouth and be grateful to have the cushy job that gives you the time to have these "revolutionary" fantasies.

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Because I assure you that the professionals who live in the building, the women who clean it, and the managhement supervisor with the annoying walkie talkie, all work a hell of a lot harder than your sorry, day dreaming, ass! Email Address:. An on-line news service dedicated to providing in-depth coverage of issues affecting low and no income communities nationally and internationally.

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