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The last of the original 16 founders of East Wind still here, Slavin now has snow-white hair and wears dangling earrings and a flowing skirt. In her spare time, she takes cha-cha lessons from another member, a strapping man about half her age with braided hair. Since , just two other presidential nominees received a higher percentage of support from Ozark County than Trump did in November: Republicans Herbert Hoover in and Thomas E. Dewey in Trump is the next step.

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Such anti-capitalist sentiments may seem blasphemous to some of the locals, who are occasionally invited to East Wind for dinner, parties or conversation but rarely show. He even did some business with East Winders back when he had a turkey farm, but until recently, he was unaware they are socialists.

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Members of East Wind all have a slightly different definition of their lifestyle. Depending whom you ask, they are secular humanists, free-loving hippies or enlightened people free from discrimination, authority and Wi-Fi. Though most members praise the community for its tranquility, a few wonder if a better life is out there, away from this liberal enclave in an increasingly red county.

They reside in shared cabins with names from literature and history that, with a little research, evoke revolution and communitarianism: Anarres, Greyhaven, Fanshen, Sunnyside, Lilliput. A few people sleep in old buses. Nor does anyone feel compelled to work if unable. East Winders withhold judgment based on appearance, religious belief and lifestyle. They wear what they want - even if that means nothing at all - without inhibition.

Same-sex marriages were recognized here more than a decade before the federal government. Everyone has the same political clout: one vote. Starting at age 7, children are entitled to a half-vote. All members are committed to what they call egalitarian socialism - communal ownership, equal distribution of wealth - putting them at odds with the Republican stranglehold on the region and perhaps explaining the schism between them and the Ozark locals.

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It remains difficult for Smiley to talk about his military service, but he said he would risk his life for the socialist outsiders. The 16 founders established East Wind in Missouri on May 1, , drawn to inexpensive land with creek access and a mixture of wooded and agricultural space. Joining East Wind was a disruption of her life that had, until then, largely tracked along the well-defined ruts of status quo.

She swapped her college textbooks on botany, physiology and Marxist economics for a more direct education in the field. Aside from the social and economic issues that galvanized the founders, Slavin and others were also drawn by the prospect of sexual freedom. Slavin is bisexual, and as a young woman she found her orientation turned away potential partners. The community appeals to the sons and daughters of blue-collar workers. Few minorities or those from the low-income class move here. In vulnerable moments, Slavin wonders if she could have done more to foster this way of life, to plant these seeds of socialism.

In the beginning, members produced lawn furniture and hammocks, then sandals from unused hammock rope. Labor is broadly defined as anything deemed beneficial to the community - even something as simple as teaching another member to cha-cha. Adults fulfill a labor quota of 35 hours per week, and members are free to choose their own jobs and their own hours. One time, a salesman pitched expanding the nut butter business. Members turned him down, favoring their leisurely lifestyle over more money. When Slavin told him, the salesman called her a derogatory word and said members sounded like communists.

Slavin recognizes the irony in the fact that her anti-capitalist commune must rely on capitalism for survival.


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It costs to live. But they strive for sustainability by growing their own vegetables, milking their own cows and composting their own waste to return it to the land. They buy eggs locally and purchased a portion of a nearby ridge to preserve its trees and their view from some future clear-cutter.

East Wind gave her life direction. But she sometimes longs for something more. When visiting her home state, Koehler and her sister often stroll through the mall together, or get ice cream, or grab a coffee - exotic trips for Koehler that are everyday to the average urbanite. Anthony Sterling grew up at East Wind. Koehler was his babysitter.

Sterling and his mother moved here when he was 6 years old and left a decade later, after he had been home-schooled and had developed such close relationships with other children that he considered them closer to siblings than peers. Then we sailed onwards sick at heart. Stesichorus, Fragment B trans. Campbell, Vol. Pseudo-Apollodorus, Bibliotheca E7. Aldrich Greek mythographer C2nd A. Zeus had set him up as coordinator of the Anemoi Winds , for both stopping them and stirring them up.

After playing host to Odysseus, he gave him an ox-skin, in which he had tied up the Anemoi Winds. He explained which Winds would be needed for sailing, and fastened the skin securely in the ship. So Odysseus, by using the correct Winds, had a good voyage, but as they drew near enough to Ithaka to see the smoke rising from the polis, he fell asleep.

His comrades, in the belief that he carried gold in the skin, opened it and let the winds escape.

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Back again they went, captured by the Winds, but when Odysseus made his way to Aiolos to ask for a sailing breeze, Aiolos threw him off the island, saying he could not save him as long as the gods had other ideas. Apollonius Rhodius, Argonautica 4. Rieu Greek epic C3rd B. The sea must not be ruffled by a breeze.

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She [Iris] went to Aiolos, the famous son of Hippotes pais Hippotes , and when she had given him too her message, she rested her limbs, the errand done. Aiolos will hold his gusty winds in check, letting none but soft Zephyros the West Wind blow till Argo reaches a Phaiakian Phaeacian port. Callimachus, Fragment from Tzetzes on Lycophron 54 trans. Mair Greek poet C3rd B. Post-Homeric poets identified Aiolia Aeolia with an island off the Sicilian coast and his sons were made eponyms of Greek colonies along the south Italian coast.

Lycophron, Alexandra ff trans. Parthenius, Love Romances 2 trans. Gaselee Greek poet C1st B. While Odysseus was on his wanderings round about Sikelia Sicily , in the Tyrrhenian Etruscan and Sikelian Sicilian seas, he arrived at the island of Meligounis, where King Aiolos Aeolus made much of him because of the great admiration he had for him by reason of his famous wisdom: he inquired of him about the capture of Troy and how the ships of the returning heroes were scattered, and he entertained him well and kept him with him for a long time.

Now, as it fell out, this stay was most agreeable to Odysseus, for he had fallen in love with Polymela, one of Aiolos's daughters, and was engaged in a secret intrigue with her. But after Odysseus had gone off with the winds shut up in a bag, the girl was found jealously guarding some stuffs from among the Trojan spoils which he had given her, and rolling among them with bitter tears.

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Aiolos reviled Odysseus bitterly although he was away, and had the intention of exacting vengeance upon Polymela; however, her brother Diores was in love with her, and both begged her off her punishment and persuaded his father to give her to him as his wife. Diodorus Siculus, Library of History 4. Oldfather Greek historian C1st B.

This genealogy was constructed to try to explain the connection between the two figures named Aiolos in myth. Diodorus Siculus, Library of History 5. This is the Aiolos to whom, the myth relates, Odysseus came in the course of his wanderings. To Aiolos, we are told, sons were born to the number of six, Astyokhos Astyochus , Xouthos Xuthus , and Androkles Androcles , and Pheraimon Pheraemon , Iokastos Jocastus , and Agathyrnos Agathyrnus , and they every one received great approbation both because of the fame of their father and because of their own high achievements.

The sons of Aiolos given here are eponyms of Greek colonies along the coasts of southern Italy and Sicily. Diodorus himself was a Sicilian Greek. Strabo, Geography 6. Jones Greek geographer C1st B. Strabo, Geography 7. According to some, they are the islands of Aiolos Aeolus , of whom the Poet makes mention in the Odyssey. They are seven in number and are all within view both from Sicily and from the continent near Medma.