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However if you want to make it even stronger then you can place any yang items.

It can be a clock especially a pendulum clock , a fan, or your entertainment system electronics are considered fire element. The Three Killings sits in the North this year The Three Killings generally means loss of loved one, loss of good name and loss of wealth. Clearly, the Three Killings energy is definitely something you want to make a note of.

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So what do you need to do for the north this year? Keep this area quiet. No loud music!

Feng Shui The Bagua Map — Anjie Cho

If your living room happens to be in the north, that unfortunately means perhaps less entertaining. As well, no renovating. Pretty much keep this area quiet with low key activities only. The Five Yellow Star, or the Wu Huang, based on flying star feng shui is the thing feng shui consultants look for first and foremost. You need to worry about this especially if your front door and your bedroom sits in the northwest this year. If your front door, kitchen or bedroom are in the northwest, you need to place more metal there. Because the wu huang is an earth element. Going back to the relationship between all 5 elements, you weaken the earth element by placing more metal there.

If you think about a pregnant woman, her body is at its weakest right after giving birth to a child.

Flying Star Feng Shui 2014 update – Part 2

So in this way just by placing metal in the northwest this year, you would be reducing the inauspicious earth energy in the sector. I also recommend that you keep this area quiet and dark especially if this is your front door. I know a lot of my clients like to have the light on outside their front door through the night. Perhaps invest in a motion-sensor porch light as an alternative. No elaborate 4-hour turkeys. In short, reduce your kitchen usage as much as possible. I realize this is hard because people love to congregate in the kitchen, maybe the kitchen table is where the kids do their homework and so on.

Especially so for the months June, August and September of when the northwest will be doubly afflicted. So note this on your calendar and try to protect the area as best as you can. Now, the Year Breaker is the North which is What does the Year Breaker mean? Again, the Grand Duke is in the south, therefore the Year Breaker is in the north. However, there IS wealth luck there as well. So in this case, the north actually has wealth luck, more so in terms of future wealth luck which is also great for you to activate.

Couples considering marriage or starting a family, if you have your bedroom in the north sector this actually boosts your chances of success in those areas. Among the other annual stars I want to talk about is the 3 Star which sits in the southeast. I see potential legal entanglements there. It could mean contracts going bad, it could even be someone suing you, or bringing you to court.

One way to mitigate this is to place something red here. As long as you know when someone goes into that southeast room that they see the red. The 4 Star sits in the center this year. This one is kind of a double-edged sword. The Peach Blossom is great for single people and you can definitely activate the center. Think of your heart being the center, the thing that powers your body.

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If your heart is strong then your body is strong. In terms of the gossip columns, promises a juicy year. The 6 sits in the west. If your front door or your bedroom is here then this is a really good year to tap into career opportunities. Go online! The northeast of my home is where I sometimes work from at night and in , I will be avoiding this room when possible and placing all the necessary Cures to make this year as successful as possible.

The amount of use this room gets depends completely on how bad the effects will be so if you are going through your front door two or three times a day in the east, the effects of this Star will be activated very quickly than if you have a storage room that does not see much use or noise.

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A good remedy to dissipate the effect of the 2 star is to place a salt water cure, Wu Lou and six Chinese coins tied with red ribbon and also, try to place more round metal decorative objects in this area as long as they are calm looking and do not have any sharp points to dissipate its negative influence in the east corner of your home or room. Another good Cure is to place a gold Tsai Shen Yeh God of wealth statue which will help to reduce the bad earth and will also help to guard your wealth for the year.

If you really have to renovate or refurbish the east room, avoid engaging such activities especially in March May, June, October and December The best cure for the east in is avoidance although I know this is hard so try and follow the advice and try and keep it as quiet as possible. Chen 3 Jade, the sound of Protracted Wind 3 Jade is making a lot of noise in the South East place in and this is not a nice combination at all. The Quarrelsome Star 3 flies into the SE bringing litigation, quarrels, misunderstanding and trouble with the authorities. It is very strong this year and afflicts the luck of the Snake, Dragon and Eldest Daughter.

This negative star must be controlled with the placement of the 9 Amulet Cure and Eldest Daughter. In , the sound of the Protracted Wind of the 3 Jade can be heard in the southeast. In reality, Chen represents movement. Whether this is a home or office, beware of possible theft and burglary if your front is here. Take extra security measures for the year. There are a some books out there that you may have read that will tell you that the 3 wood star is a fortunate star in period 8 but in our opinion it is a volatile star and you should not try and activate it unless you are qualified to do so or have a very good Feng Shui Consultant; it will become more usable towards the later part of the 20 year period 8 cycle.

Over the years, I have even seen websites and books recommending placing water here and I feel I should warn you that if you do this without taking into account your land formations, period, mountain and water stars, you will invite arguments, divorce and legal problems so please be very careful.

You will need to double check documents signed during the year of the Horse and make sure they are checked through thoroughly before committing to anything. The influence of a Chen 3 in Period 8 indicates possible arguments, disagreement and in extreme cases this can result in law suits, either as a petitioner or a defendant. Either way there will be a loss of time, energy and wealth if you are not careful so please treat this area with caution. In temper, there may be burst of irritability affecting those under this influence so please be aware of this.

If your office or bedroom is here, short temper and antagonistic are common characteristics in those affected by the 3. To calm interactions:. It benefits the entire household, and thus wedding prospects are excellent. The wood 4 occupies the earth centre palace of Period 8. When wood dominates earth, there can be disharmony and insecurity and as the 4 romance star is trapped in the centre palace in and special cures are needed. If your bedroom or office is located in the centre in , there is risk of becoming selfish during the year and could also become quite lonely through the unwanted selfishness so please be careful and follow the advice.

If your bedroom or office is not located in the centre, this is not so much of a problem as this will only bring problems in rooms that get a lot of use and activity; an ideal room for the centre would be a utility room or a bathroom. Be sure to keep the door closed in this area as much as possible.

2014 The Year of the Wooden Horse -- Improve Your Feng Shui

Children may find studying hard if their study or bedroom is in the centre in and may suffer from procrastination this year. A good Cure to help this is a crystal globe placed on their work table to help studies. A desk light turned on when they work will also enhance concentration and focus. When a 4 Green is accompanied by benevolent stars it can have bring great things to the area and this will be the case in the months of April, September, October and January During these months, those who Have a career based on writing and artistic aspects can benefit from its influence.

Cures and enhancers:. In Those living in NW-facing houses and NW bedrooms are also afflicted. Neutralise this deadly star with the 5 Element Pagoda. All fathers and grandfathers should carry the Kalachakra Stupa with HUM keychain throughout the year. Although the 5 yellow will be tamed by the metal of the northwest this year, it is highly recommended not to disturb the northwest this year with noisy activities, renovations or ground-breaking work.

If you are planning on doing any building work or outdoor maintenance in the northwest, it would be best to try and avoid this in although if you are not able to, be sure to hang a Wind chime while you are doing the work. It is a volatile star. The 4 yellow has no gender and no trigram and is highly dangerous when disturbed. When the 5 yellow is disturbed, its malevolent influence brings disaster, sickness, lawsuits and major loss of wealth so please be careful in the northwest this year. During , it would be very beneficial to the occupants of the house if they were to hang a six rod metal wind chime along with six Chinese coins tied in a row with red ribbon and a salt water cure in the northwest corner of the home or office.

Metal can be used to negate the earth element of the 5 Yellow. Metal objects are good elemental cures; try to use a round shaped metal object with grey, white, gold, brass, bronze or silver colours. If your main door is located in the northwest in , place or hang some metal objects just inside the door. For example, metal umbrella stands, round metal plates hung on wall, grey floor mat etc. If your bathroom, cloakroom, pantry, en-suite, guest room or a large cupboard is located here, this is good for you, because these areas are not used much and therefore the negative power is not activated due to the quiet nature of the area.