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New Commissary, Exchange Access Delayed for Many Veterans Disabled veterans and Purple Heart recipients won't see on-base access for commissaries and exchange stores any time soon.

Latest Military Videos. Karl Schultz, Coast Guard commandant, announced Nov. Pararescuemen Freefall from HC Epic Marine Corps Birthday Cadence. This th year is the first to introduce a brand new birthday running cadence, born from Marines—brought forth to The first ever cadence was made to honor the Marine Corps birthday. See how Drill Instructors brought it all Army News.

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Army Recruiters' Newest Offer: Guaranteed Job-Hunting Help After Service Army recruiting officials are dusting off a year-old program designed to guarantee young people help finding a job. Michael Marl and Isaiah Locklear "ran toward a bullet storm that afternoon instead of away.

Navy News. Air Force News. Eric T. Dillman, K. Dinapoli, A. Klussmann-Kolb : New insights into the phylogeny of the Pyramidellidae Gastropoda.

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Dippner, J. Geophysical Research Letters doi. Petrusek : Identifying hybridizing taxa within the Daphnia longispina species complex: a comparison of genetic methods and phenotypic approaches. Dobler, A. Ahrens : Regional climate projections in two alpine river basins: Upper Danube and Upper Brahmaputra. Kvet : Positive long-term effect of mulching on species and functional trait diversity in a nutrient-poor mountain meadow in Central Europe.

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Scanlon : Impact of water withdrawals from groundwater and surface water on continental water storage variations. Domaschke, S. Printzen : Low genetic diversity in Antarctic populations of the lichen Cetraria aculeata and its photobiont. Printzen : Ecophysiology and genetic structure of polar versus temperate populations of the lichen Cetraria aculeata. Domisch, S.

Erweiterte Zusammenfassungen der Jahrestagung Oldenburg , Hardegsen in press. Haase : Climate-change winners and losers: stream macroinvertebrates of a submontane region in Central Europe. Stoll : Application of species distribution models in stream ecosystems: the challenges of spatial and temporal scale, environmental predictors and species occurrence data. Haase : Choice of study area and predictors affect habitat suitability projections, but not the performance of species distribution models of stream biota.

Haase : Modelling distribution in European stream macroinvertebrates under future climates. Dormann, C. Singer : Correlation and process in species distribution models: bridging a dichotomy. Dormoy, I. Pross : Terrestrial climate variability and seasonality changes in the Mediterranean region between 15 and years BP deduced from marine pollen records. Dorow W.

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Scheibler : Future forest - can Mediterranean tree species be habitats for indigenous Central European insects? Dorow, W. Dressler, S. Zizka : Mit Herbarien die Zukunft erforschen? Wesenberg : Forschungen zur heimischen Flora. Dunkel, F. Meierott : Achillea roseoalba - a long ignored relict in Germany. Eck, S.


Fiebig, W. Fiedler, I. Heynen, B. Nicolai, T. Elzen, R. Woog : Measuring birds. Deutsche Ornithologen-Gesellschaft. Edwards, S. Davis : Implementing and testing the multispecies coalescent model: A valuable paradigm for phylogenomics. Eklof, J. El Atfy, H. Stribrny : Mesozoic Late Jurassic palynomorphs and charcoal from a sandstone pebble from Quaternary glacial deposits of the North Sea.

Elbert, W. Emde, S. Klimpel : Getting What Is Served?

EDIC PhD and Industry Fellowship Laureates

Engelhardt, C. Frontiers in Zoology Entling, M. Ernst, A. Nowak : Local genetic structure of a montane herb among isolated grassland patches: implications for the preservation of genetic diversity under climate change. Eronen, J. Utescher : A comparison of estimates of mean annual precipitation from different proxies: a pilot study for the European Neogene. Fortelius : Distribution history and climatic controls of the Late Miocene Pikermian chronofauna - Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 29 , Erpenbach, A.

Hahn : The influence of termite-induced heterogeneity on savanna vegetation along a climatic gradient in West Africa. Eycott, A. Pullin : A meta-analysis on the impact of different matrix structures on species movement rates.

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Faber, J. Griffith : The practicalities and pitfalls of establishing a policy-relevant and cost-effective soil biological monitoring scheme. Fagan W. Mueller : Spatial Memory and Animal Movement. Favre, A. Feld, C. Harrison : Indicators of biodiversity and ecosystem services: a synthesis across ecosystems and spatial scales. Feldmeyer B.

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