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Although gay people certainly knew they were not sick, he says, the move did have an effect. As the brand-new measure takes effect, experts are speculating about its political, medical and financial ramifications in Denmark and around the world. Danish politicians had announced last year that they hoped to spur the World Health Organization WHO to remove transgender from a category of mental illnesses in its globally used International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems , 10th Revision ICD , whose codes are used to mark health records, track epidemiological trends and inform insurance reimbursement.

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In the past the organization had told questioners the transgender redefinition will be part of the ICD , an immense and time-consuming project that is expected to be released this year or next. The Danish action clearly aims to destigmatize being transgender.

Psychologist Laura Edwards-Leeper of Pacific University in Oregon notes Denmark will still require that psychological evaluation be conducted before any medical intervention. In Denmark it can take from a couple of years to more than a decade to get permission for genital reassignment surgery. A major difference between Denmark and the U.

What conditions are called can affect that process.

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Different states have different policies. Francine Russo is a veteran journalist, specializing in psychology and behavior. She is also a speaker and author of They're Your Parents, Too!

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Mel was born and raised in Puerto Rico. From a very young age, Mel had an insatiable curiosity for knowledge and an overdeveloped sense of wonder. After, being afflicted with what can be deemed as excitotoxin overload in , Mel discovered that aspartame, monosodium glutamate MSG and many other chemicals used in our food supply, was the culprit.

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