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Or am I thinking of how the guy on the drive to the store cut me off an almost caused an accident? Or the guy behind me who thinks crowding me will make things move faster so they can race home to sit down and relax? Or how the very uncool professor in my last class belittled another student who wasn't the best speaker and couldn't defend them-self, for having a very good point that went against the professor's vacuous ideology of agreeing with another student's comment that it is proper to behead people who don't conform to the Q'ran?

Psychologists endeavor to pigeonhole everyone. That is ridiculous to expect a person to react as you would. You are not in their shoes. People eat differently, raised differently, think differently, etc. Now if most all of what was described was true, it merely means the schools and the parents aren't teaching the kiddos worthwhile things. Makes me think folks under 45 or so should not be able to vote because the wrong things are important to them. A change to marxism. Conning people into believing that govt is good and will be nicer than having a choice between corporations or choosing none of the above and what the govt dictates.

When in fact govt is and always has been the bigger the tyrant the bigger it gets Like giving hand grenades to children, pulling the pins, telling them to hold the thing and then walking away. Eventually bad things happen when you give power to govt. Using the body language logic that means that govt is childlike. I've taught Interpersonal Communication at the University level for over 38 years and this documentary is spot on. These numbers were not pulled out of the air but solid academic research. Although I realize these people have writers who do their manuscripts for them, I found this extremely helpful in every aspect of what I needed it for.

Please keep in mind people aren't always fair and can be very cruel and judgemental esp. Also I notice some trying to put down this work as an opportunity to promote anothers and I've been there and it's nothing to write home about the website suggestion begins with P.. We are all entitled to our opinions and yes much of these things are subjective but that's okay.

Watch it for yourselves and develop your own opinion. You never know-could be cheating yourself! Just saying maintain composure obviously something was exciting enough to get a rise!

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I'm allowed to change my mind as well just as everyone else. Have a wonderful life!!!!!!

This is all staged. I've done TV stuff. Obama skipped hoops cuz the big O backed him. Lastly, If u learn all the skills then U can actually Con people n2 thinking n believing ur someone ur not! The leaks, the history, truth, govt tells us wat they want. Unless whistleblowers come out they have the power. She knows if u can't best them join them. Did U see any white pp on her commercials at all?

She's not active in civil rights altho she's old enough to have been. Where was she then? When African Americans were oppressed? Politicians cannot be trusted. Everything they do is a rehearsed speech and learned communication skills 2 send certain signals. Poor us.

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Remember those text and dont 4 get the lewinsky scandal.. If not he most likely didnt get caught. They will not even disclose wat we need to be ready 4. Im sure they know. Who knows theyre probably behind it has been done-history. Theyre just going to keep pissing countries off til were not safe in our homeland it sems. Ebooks and Manuals

This was so annoying to watch, I didn't watch it till the end. The over-exaggerating was insane. And they almost only discussed the presidents of the united states, to show you that presidents do lie! I wonder what would transpire if these body language specialists analyse Bush, Blair, Chenye and Rumsfeld speeches, talking about and justifying war based on the weapons of mass destruction that they were purportedly so sure of, yet has not been found to this day in Iraq.

You guys! Ok, pretty good doc but Leslie comments are really spot on. You Guys! These people are so biased politically they clearly have lost all objectivity and credibility as "experts" Seems they steered clear of what those who knew him personalty as a teenager in Hawaii would declare as the largest liar walking the planet As if LBJ or Kennedy wouldn't blow up their little machines. How about asking your President something as simple as, "why is your Social Security number that of a dead women from New England?

Or maybe ask him why he would spend several hundred dollars of his own money to hire personal lawyers to prevent us from seeing his college transcripts? Suppose that only seems odd to those of us who take personally the systematic dismantling of our Constitution by him and his thugs in the W.

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Sure glad there are no "death Panels" in the works hey? We are just too interested in celebrities and people in power. I want to know what people in general are thinking and what the body language means It has been started. The new channel called Hidden Inteligence witch provides to you videos like a nlp, body language full , behaviour and many many other's. Enjoy It!

This is an excellent doc that I enjoyed immensely. In these days of so much sound bite politics it is a big advantage to know what is really going on behind the words with a little knowledge of body language and micro expressions. The doc also deals with how criminals are caught out by their lies and how reading body language can save the lives law of enforcement officers and the general public.

Speaking of crims, Mr. The bumbling used car salesman was more genuine and believable. This was demonstrated using Maggie Thatcher The Milk Snatcher as an example of how her shrill voice changed into a lower, huskier one. This is a realistic documentary. People are just to arrogant to understand or even to analyze the inputs of these excerpts.

What a ridiculous claim. How do we manage to communicate through emails and on the telephone then? Idiotic claim. Reverse the stats and I could believe it. Oh believe it. My mother in law is the dark lord of manipulation. Not only does she get what she wants in the end but it'll be your idea. I agree. I think there's a great bit of truth in all this. There is a lot of validity to this soft science. Sadly, we do judge by how people look and we do physically respond to emotional changes.


I think it's easy for them to pick apart an event that we already know the outcome of. That would determine their value more I love this documentary, people can give so much away just from they're tone of voice, facial expressions and gestures. Learning and being able to read them all would certainly be most interesting! Was so glad that gave it a try regardless seemingly ready to sell title.

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Means of communication including body language and para-linguistic cues is a very powerful set of tools, and no matter what you are and who you are, if you want to succeed in life you have to master those tools or at least to put them into use. The film is a good application for that. Though unlike all those numerous couching to success programs this documentary would not give you ready to use instructions what to do and how to do it, it would rather offer a pretty knowledgeable analysis of where this or that tool was used and why it was used successfully.

This doc.