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The human population's desperate attempts to escape reality via widely available narcotics have created a deeply unhappy, self-destructive Generation Excess in the vice-like grip of paranoia. The simple act of getting through the day, with sanity intact, is a major achievement.

Quirky buddy film a meditation on loss, human mortality

One of the most popular narcotics is Substance D, a powerful hallucinogen which has the unfortunate side effect of creating split personalities in the user. Undercover police officer Fred Keanu Reeves is one of the foot soldiers trying to eradicate the drug from Suburban Orange Country, California. Observations are sifted and decoded at police headquarters, where undercover agents wear so-called scramble suits to conceal their true identities.

Unfortunately, Fred is hooked on the illegal drug and he's rapidly losing the ability to distinguish between his real and imaginary selves.

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  • 'A Scanner Darkly': Keanu Reeves, Undercover and Flying High on a Paranoid Head Trip?

A Scanner Darkly is slavishly faithful to Dick's source text and Linklater is in no hurry to make sense of the characters' delusional ramblings. Animators have conjured some truly incredible sequences, like Charles scratching furiously as he hallucinates hundreds of lice crawling over his body, or Jim's amusing metamorphosis into a giant cockroach.

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Even more impressive are the scramble suits worn by the undercover cops. The Salmon and Steelhead Conservation and Enhancement Act of promised to reorganize and rationalize fishery management.

The Pacific Northwest Electric Power Planning and Conservation Council's the Council fish and wildlife program, which is the subject of this Essay, was developed under broader legislation, the Northwest Power Act of the Act , 12 which links energy conservation with fish and wildlife recovery.

An unknown error has occurred. Please click the button below to reload the page. If the problem persists, please try again in a little while. Read preview. The Framework for Salmon Recovery As dramatic as the ESA listings are, the conflict between salmon and people who use the river is anything but new.

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