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Sanskrit literature; Sanskrit literature, History and criticism; Sanskrit literature, Collections. Sanskrit literature, Essays; Sanskrit literature, Terms and phrases; Sanskrit literature, writing. Bengali literature, History and criticism; Bengali literature, Writings; Bengali literature, Terms and phrases. Sanskrit literature, History and criticism; Sanskrit literature, Writings; Sanskrit literature, Terms and phrases.

Interesting historical events relative to the provinces of Bengal and the Empire of Indostan pt.

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Sanskrit literature, Poetry; Sanskrit literature, Rhymes; Sanskrit literature, History and criticism. Sanskrit literature, Fiction; Sanskrit literature, Writings; Sanskrit literature, History and criticism. Sanskrit literature, Drama; Sanskrit literature, Writing; Sanskrit literature, History and criticism. Bengali language, History and criticism; Bengali literature, History and criticism; Bengal literature. Sanskrit literature, History and criticism; Sanskrit literature, collections; Sanskrit literature, Writings.

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Descriptive catalogue of the Arabic, Persian and Urdu manuscripts in the library of the University of Bombay. Javanese literature, Fiction; Javanese literature, History and criticism; Javanese literature, Themes. Personal narrative of a tour through the western States of Rajwara in ; comprising Beekaner, Jesulmer, and Jodhpoor. Sanskrit literature, Essays; Sanskrit literature, Writings; Sanskrit literature, History and criticism.

History and administration of the North-Western provinces: subsequently called the Agra province Persian literature, History and criticism; Persian literature, Collections; Persian literature, Outlines,syllabi,etc. Sanskrit literature, Collections; Sanskrit literature, History and criticism; Sanskrit literature. Sanskrit literature, History and criticism; Sanskrit literature, Collections; Sanskrit literature. Bhojpuri literature; Bhojpuri poetry; Bhojpuri prose literature; Bhojpuri literature, History and criticism. Sanskrit literature, Drama; Sanskrit literature, Writings; Sanskrit literature, History and criticism.

A masterful study by a preeminent scholar that situates Cather as a visionary practitioner of literary modernism Willa Cather is often pegged as a regionalist, a feminine and domestic writer, or a social realist. Stout firmly situates Cather as a visionary practitioner of literary modernism, something other scholars have hinted at but rarely affirmed. Stout presents Cather on a large, dramatic stage among a sizable cast of characters and against a brightly lit social and historical backdrop, invoking numerous figures and instances from the broad movement in the arts and culture that we call modernism.

It will immediately be a touchstone for anyone working on Cather; with its groundbreaking study of the relationships between Cather and a range of other authors and their works, from Dorothy Canfield Fisher to Virginia Woolf and Robert Frost, it will also serve as a wonderful resource for future studies. Further, it helps us understand literary modernism, and modernism itself, in deeper and more nuanced ways. Early on, Stout addresses the matter of gender. Stout situates Cather in relation to, among others, Ezra Pound and T. She also shows parallels with William Faulkner with respect to economic disparity and social injustice.

Janis P. The Willa Cather who emerges from the pages of The Stuff of Our Forebears is not the Cather who claimed to eschew politics but a far more political novelist than has heretofore been perceived. A study of the philosophical, intellectual, and political influences on the artistic creations of Fitzgerald and key early American modernist writers F. Scott Fitzgerald and the American Scene is a fascinating addition to Fitzgerald scholarship. Each chapter in this volume elaborates on a crucial aspect of F.

He was especially interested in how life had changed from to Many Americans were unable to navigate between the s and their own memories of a very different world before the Great War; especially Daisy Buchanan who evolves from girlhood as typified in sentimental novels of the time to wifehood as actually experienced in the new decade. Letters to Jargon collects all of the known correspondence between Larry Eigner and Jonathan Williams, the influential publisher of Jargon Society Press and himself a poet.

Andrew Rippeon has done a masterful job of editing both sides of the correspondence, providing extensive notes for each letter along with unpublished essays, notes, and reviews by Eigner found in the Jargon Society archives. Eigner and Williams discuss their own poetic practices, including the source material for specific poems, general writing practices, and small press and little magazine publication. This volume offers considerable insight into their shared literary communities as Eigner reports on his readings in contemporary poetry and poetics, as well as his correspondence and contact with other poets including Charles Olson, Vincent Ferrini, Robert Duncan, Denise Levertov, Robert Grenier, and Barrett Watten.

Eigner also shares with Williams details of his home life, his financial difficulties, and the daily challenges of his cerebral palsy. Andrew Rippeon is visiting assistant professor of literature and creative writing at Davidson College. His conspicuous refusal to respect literary boundaries was part of what made him a countercultural icon in the s and s. Yet, he was a generous friend to many, maintaining close correspondences throughout his life.

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Among the anecdotes in this collection are remembrances from his immediate family, reflections from his comrades in World War II, and tributes from writers he worked with in Iowa City and from those who knew him when he was young. A landmark volume that explores the interconnected nature of technologies and rhetorical practice Rhetorical Machines addresses new approaches to studying computational processes within the growing field of digital rhetoric.

While computational code is often seen as value-neutral and mechanical, this volume explores the underlying, and often unexamined, modes of persuasion this code engages. In so doing, it argues that computation is in fact rife with the values of those who create it and thus has powerful ethical and moral implications. Brown Jr. This multidisciplinary volume features contributions from scholarpractitioners across the fields of rhetoric, computer science, and writing studies.

Three of the sections are prefaced by brief conversations with chatbots autonomous computational agents addressing some of the primary questions raised in each section. At the heart of these essays is a call for emerging and established scholars in a vast array of fields to reach interdisciplinary understandings of human-machine interactions. This innovative work will be valuable to scholars and students in a variety of disciplines, including but not limited to rhetoric, computer science, writing studies, and the digital humanities.

Lavinia Hirsu is lecturer of applied linguistics, composition, and English as a foreign language at the University of Glasgow. Hansen, Fred J. Kauffeld, James B.

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Freeman, and Lilian Bermejo-Luque An anthology of the most important historical sources, classical and modern, on the subjects of presumptions and burdens of proof In the last fifty years, the study of argumentation has become one of the most exciting intellectual crossroads in the modern academy. Two of the most central concepts of argumentation theory are presumptions and burdens of proof. However, the documents and essays central to any discussion of presumptions and burdens of proof as devices of argumentation are scattered across a variety of remote sources in rhetoric, law, and philosophy.

Presumptions and Burdens of Proof: An Anthology of Argumentation and the Law brings together for the first time key texts relating to the history of the theory of presumptions along with contemporary studies that identify and give insight into the issues facing students and scholars today. The second half of the collection contains contemporary essays by contributors from the fields of law, philosophy, rhetoric, and argumentation and communication theory.

These essays explore contemporary understandings of presumptions and burdens of proof and their role in numerous contexts today. This anthology is the definitive resource on the subject of these crucial rhetorical modes and will be a vital resource to all scholars of communication and rhetoric, as well as legal scholars and practicing jurists.

Hans V. Hansen is professor and head of the Department of Philosophy at the University of Windsor in Ontario. He is coeditor of Fallacies: Classical and Contemporary Readings and is coeditor of the journal Argumentation. It will become a standard resource and will have a heuristic impact in generating new scholarship.

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Fred J. James B. His administrative theory flowed from his republican vision, prescribing not only the how of administration but also what should be done and why. Administration and policy merged seamlessly in his mind, each conditioning the other. His Anti-Federalist detractors clearly saw this and fought his vision tooth and nail. Founding period, but remains one for us today as well. That conflict endures to this day because Americans still have not settled on just one vision of the American republic.

That is why, Richard Green argues, Hamilton is a pivotal figure in our current reckoning. If we want to more fully understand ourselves and our ways of governing today, we must start by understanding Hamilton, and we cannot do that without exploring his administrative theory and practice in depth.

Accordingly, this book addresses the complex mix of classical and modern ideas that informed his vision of a modern commercial and administrative republic; the administrative ideas, institutions, and practices that flowed from that vision; and the substantive policies he deemed essential to its realization. Readers will find a comprehensive explanation of his theoretical contributions and a richly detailed account of his ideas and practices in historical context.

Richard T. Green is professor of political science and public administration at the University of Utah. He is the coauthor of Foundations of Public Service.

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  • Trial Films on Trial Law, Justice, and Popular Culture Edited by Austin Sarat, Jessica Silbey, and Martha Merrill Umphrey A collection of wide-ranging critical essays that examine how the judicial system is represented on screen Historically, the emergence of the trial film genre coincided with the development of motion pictures.

    In fact, one of the very first feature-length films was a courtroom drama. The popularity and success of these films can be attributed to the fundamental similarities of filmic narratives and trial proceedings. Trial Films on Trial: Law, Justice, and Popular Culture is the first book to focus exclusively on the special significance of trial films for both film and legal studies.

    The contributors to this volume offer a contemporary approach to the trial film genre. Despite the fact that the medium of film is one of the most pervasive means by which many citizens come to know the justice system, these trial films are rarely analyzed and critiqued. The chapters cover a variety of topics, such as how and why film audiences adopt the role of the jury, the narrative and visual conventions employed by directors, and the ways mid-to-late-twentieth-century trial films offered insights into the events of that period.

    Martha Merrill Umphrey is Bertrand H. Over the last thirty years, American Indian history has become a vibrant field of study. Rooted in new approaches to Indian history, and steeped in ethnohistorical methodologies, this generation of scholarship has emphasized Native American perspectives on a wide range of events and topics. In the process, many scholars have carved out significant positions in the discipline.