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On the right, a tall brick building conveys the influx of new construction that occurred in the area. Music notes and an open score illustrate the cultural programs that accompanied the reinvigorated neighborhood. These motifs are contained within a larger sphere supported by two red hands. The hands symbolize a unified community coming together to improve the neighborhood—a process that resulted in a safer, more family friendly environment for its residents. Skip to content. Location: W. Related Keywords note music light color painting abstract background design mosaic art bright circle colorful decorative effect energy illustration party space texture backdrop banner beautiful element flare modern inspiration pink purple vintage technology artistic black card dark flyer image line rainbow stripe text vibrant white concentric yellow melody clef ilustration composition royalty free illustrations graphics clip art stock clipart stock illustration logo line art picture graphic drawing drawings artwork more keywords.

Related Images. See All. Just from the musical point of view, there never was a SMiLE.

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As a finished product. For several decades, it was a most elusive thing, seemingly changing its size and shape as the years progressed. Another reason given by Wilson for the album not being completed in was the difficulty he experienced finding an acceptable sequence for all the many component parts Leaf, Nonetheless, over the years various SMiLE modules — and the various superstructures that can be made from them — have made their way into the public arena.

I can see them and touch them firmly. Then the song starts to blossom and become a real thing. In particular, his evoking the senses of touch and sight as metaphors for shaping ideas is noteworthy. Much of the material recorded for SMiLE has little, if anything, to do with this Americana theme however. And even if it did — a theme is not quite a story. There are no central characters. Nor do any specific pilgrims progress onwards westward from Plymouth Rock with whom the listener can relate.

Names arise, but only in passing. However, clear patterns of convergence necessary to inform their sequencing was sorely lacking. The mention of historically accurate events that took place in actual locations within the limited arena of Dublin that day, also further support an otherwise fragmented text, making it more manageable for both writer and reader alike. The SMiLE modules that are most successful are the ones that simply evoke a singular setting.

The more they restrict their figurative gaze to a particular limited zone the more detailed and sensuous they become.

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Sometimes the music might sound not unlike a Renaissance-era vocal motet by Carlo Gesualdo, filled with manneristic, unpredictable chromatic turns though treated with a typically glissandi-laden Beach Boys approach. That is, they fit but also feel autonomous. A plethora of sound densities result from these combinations. They are meditations upon a scene, rather than commentaries.

Due to the relative lack of multitracking options in sixties-era record making practice, modern day listeners might be surprised to learn that tape editing was at that time a fine art and extensively used as a means of compiling the best takes from recording sessions into a seamless, sequential whole. Pink Floyd manager Peter Jenner cited in Cavanagh, 48 recalls that EMI Records engineers in were so expert at the art of editing it was impossible to discern a tape splice even in the most delicate of instrumental passages.

Many musical themes featured in SMiLE are given some sort of development, re-arrangement or recontextualisation — bringing certain, otherwise divergent, modules a subtle sense of unity. One gets the impression with SMiLE of a seemingly inexhaustible source of creativity and inspiration that is nonetheless, defiantly anti-intellectual and of-the-moment.

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A rejection of adult rules and adult conformity. Rather, a means of organisation that honoured the regressive nature of the modules and their reluctance to form unequivocally meaningful statements was what was needed. Its modules, when considered as discreet units, represent a return to the pre-grammatical, non-linear and analogical as opposed to logical thinking of early childhood Meares, — they are artefacts of play.

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This synchronisation of quite separate audio events to create the impression of concurrency, or cutting and pasting together musical takes sequentially, can now be achieved with programs as rudimentary as GarageBand or similar. When mixed together, these interdependent parts should, at best, integrate sufficiently to create the illusion of a unified musical event.

However, if the proliferation in recent years of low-cost, broadcast quality Digital Audio Workstations DAWs is to facilitate anything more than greater convenience for practitioners, a corresponding challenging of certain tacit assumptions must be forthcoming. The manipulation of sound so well facilitated by DAW technology which brings multitrack recording, non-linear editing, looping and automated mixing to the masses , potentialises a process of combinatorial play Hadamard, These could also be described, respectively, as the quasi-narrative and the ludic versions.

They possess no logical connection.

Black Double Eighth Music Note Glass Design

They resonate rather than respond to each other — like pictures hanging side-by-side on the same wall. It shows abbreviations, it jumps, and it is not grammatical. Here, words are starkly juxtaposed rather than integrated into the complex syntactical relationships of true language. But the poet, unlike the dreamer in his sleep, alternates between two different levels of the mental hierarchy…The poet thinks both in images and verbal concepts, at the same time and in quick alternation…The dreamer floats among the phantom shapes of the hoary deep; the poet is a skin-diver with a breathing tube.

He strongly qualifies that this developmental process occurs within the context of a nurturing environment. However, in cases where individuals experience particularly adverse circumstances in their early lives, the various parts of their personality may not be sufficiently integrated into a unified whole.

In order for any analysis of non-linear systems to be successful, an additional consideration of the dynamic processes involved must also be forthcoming. Natural systems ranging from the simple, such as vortexes thermodynamics , up to complex ones like the human body biological , as well as, social systems, and cultural phenomena such as language, and artistic works-in-progress can all be described as behaving in a non-linear fashion. Its overall affect is an emergent property, displaying a surprising sense of flow, given the varied, and disjointed nature of the modules.

There is a necessary trade off, however. Something grand is gained, but the SMiLE-as-game phenomenon has perhaps, since been overshadowed somewhat by this aesthetically successful integration of the modules. What for so long had been a lively subject of speculation, as well as a source of great interactivity, was now in danger of being mistaken for an audio fossil.

The SMiLE Sessions box set has clearly addressed this situation by including both the linear sequence and the separate modules.

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Not all cultural artefacts necessarily display this degree of fit, or compositional integration — this artistic integrity. As creativity scholar Teresa Amabile explains , whenever practitioners approach their work, they may chose to follow, on one hand, a tried-and-tested path to a clearly identified goal, or at the other extreme, they might not only design their own path, but even define the goal itself. The degree with which any creative process leans towards the former or latter scenarios can be described as representing predominantly algorithmic or heuristic approaches respectively.

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A key element of emergence is feedback. Only after considering what is gradually coming together can the artist know how to proceed in a way that honours the integrity of the piece. Csikszentmihalyi expands:.

Whereas a conventional artist starts painting a canvas knowing what she [sic] wants to paint, and holds to her original intention until the work is finished, an original artist with equal technical training commences with a deeply felt but undefined goal in mind, keeps modifying the picture in response to the unexpected colors and shapes emerging on the canvas, and ends up with a finished work that probably will not resemble anything she started out with.

If the artist is responsive to her inner feelings, knows what she likes and does not like, and pays attention to what is happening on the canvas, a good painting is bound to emerge. On the other hand, if she holds on to a preconceived notion of what the painting should look like, without responding to the possibilities suggested by the forms developing before her, the painting is likely to be trite.

The occasional, or optimally moment-to-moment, awareness necessary to allow a work to emerge somewhat on its own terms — instead of merely following a formula — achieves its aim by sending a flow of valuable feedback to the artist. In this way, the artist responds, observes again, responds once more and so on.

Such feedback loops are a key characteristic of non-linear systems in general. Pepper album cited in Badman, :. That is, it is simultaneously changing-yet-stable. At first, the system can be said to be structurally constant but open with regard to the flow of feedback. Wilson was also concurrently juggling the multiple roles of composer, arranger, performer, musical director, producer and mixdown co-engineer. I was getting too fancy and arty and doing things that were just not Beach Boys, at all. Thirty-seven years later, in , within the context of a new supportive environment, Wilson was finally able to stand back and look at SMiLE for what it was, or might be, rather than what some less visionary individuals wanted to reduce it to.

Whereas Capra describes the manner in which emergent forms display characteristics not inherent within their parts, Chapouthier , conversely, highlights the fact that whilst being integrated into a larger whole, the component parts of many complex systems, living or otherwise, retain a surprisingly large degree of autonomy.