New Waves - An Explanation of Brainwave Entrainment

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As I always say, Unexplainable Store can be hit and miss at times. I had an email issue with them a while back where I kept getting repeat emails from there. It took a while to get a reply and it kept happening. All the best. Will this have any affect on the body such as not able to wake up from an alarm or may hurt the body if you have disease Of some sort or any medical treatment.

I have been getting neurofeedback for a few months. My dominant waves in my frontal lobes are always Delta. Does anyone on this site have any ideas? Hi Lee, interesting. Can you tell me how this is affecting you, as in why did you go for neurofeedback in the first place? Did you feel tired a lot, unable to focus?

Did you have any symptoms? I am also doing neurofeedback and have been told the same regarding my dominant waves in my frontal lobes being Delta. I am hoping neurofeedback will help with management of stress, anxiety and depression as well as ADD and insomnia. I am tired of being in the medication loop I was pushed into by my Dr. Thank you for sharing your story. It makes sense that if your dominant waves are Delta that you are suffering from a number of health issues.

With a continual abundance of delta waves can imagine that you feel perhaps lethargic and perhaps subdued, which I assume would make you feel depressed. I hope the neurofeedback works for you and that you can get off the medication. In my experience it is best to purchase downloads from a reputable provider. There are a number of issues with YouTube videos in this area, most importantly a lack of transparency on how the music was created and what frequencies are used and why. Not to mention musical dissonance, which can render the music in effective and often unpleasant to listen to.

I have a floatation centre and regularly sleep in an isolation pod without dreaming. Many other Floatees report the same experience. You wake up feeling TOTALLY relaxed and, after 20 minutes recovery, you feel energised, calm, clear thinking and, that night, you have the best sleep you can remember. It happened every time, now and it is very hard to describe the blissful, tranquil state in which I wake up. Try it! Basically psychosensory touch is used to promote delta waves whilst client is awake.

I suffer from sleeping problems due to the psychiatric treatment medications I am taking. I can not sleep longer than 1 hour with dreams, never entering phase of deep sleep without dreams when delta waves are emitted. Mostly I am completely awaken since midnight each night. I follow your site for few years and now when my sleeping problem is so big and no biochemistry can help it, I decided to try your way again.

Please advice which track among Top 5 you recommended to take for the beginning and further on to improve my brain delta wave emitting. These are my top 5 for sleep:.

Deep Sleep 2. Blissful Sleep 3. Deep Delta 4. Deep Dreams 5.

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Perfect Sleep. Thank you for the info. I must add that the Yoga Nidra state is the state in which a person can be in Delta but fully conscious. Highly focused, in-tune, a sense of…knowing exactly what I was painting.

It was already there before I painted it. Hi, my daughter had an EEG and the neurologist said the brain wave activity in the back of her brain was very slow. I want to find out what causes this. She had a brain injury 3 skull fractures that were in the right side of her head and across the front right side. The fractures were closed wound. He says that brainwave entrainment tools:. It seems to have a tranquillizing effect for individuals who are quite anxious and high-strung. It tends to quiet them down for three to four days after a session".

This is one of my favourite things about binaural beats and isochronic tones: I genuinely feel as if I'm becoming more creative - and having more ideas - every day. Let's go back to the Greens at the Menninger Foundation briefly.

The Ancient Benefits of Rhythm & Repetition

They found that people who accessed theta brain waves had "new and valid ideas How's your intuition or six sense going at the moment? And no, I don't mean have you seen the film with Bruce Willis Anyway, it goes even further than that. As Michael Hutchison notes in his excellent book Megabrain, "The Greens are convinced that the theta state is not only conducive to memory and learning, but is the source of creative thinking Taylor hooked a load of students up to an EEG machine like you see in the movies with the sticky plastic pads with wires stuck all over people's heads in an attempt to analyse 'synthesis thinking' - which is basically a nerd's way of saying "find out how people come up with new and creative ways to solve a problem".

Taylor found that "during the chance moment in which a difficult Even men in white coats the good kind are saying that theta brain waves are responsible for moments of creativity and "ah ha" moments. Finally, to conclude this section, allow me to introduce you to Dr Roman Chrucky, Medical Director of the North Jersey Developmental Center, who had been using brainwave entrainment tools in his practice for some time. Dr Chrucky notes "a lot of people spontaneously told me that they've felt much more creative I've found that using the theta frequency I get that kind of response on myself as well, increased creativity Everyone rejoice, for with a little access to theta brain waves, we can all be happy, creative, intuitive superstars.

Another brilliant thing about the theta state that it appears to be very useful for learning. High fives all round. Let's first go back to bio-feedback world expert Dr Budzynski for more on this. He notes that theta brain waves, if used appropriately, could "dramatically boost one's learning abilities" and "enhances the absorption of the material Oh, here's another genius thing about theta brain waves - when we're in that state, we tend to absorb whatever material we're presented with in an "uncritical fashion, thus circumventing certain resistances present in the fully conscious state".

PURE THETA WAVES: Meditation (Track: Cosmic Theta Waves)

I'll give you a clue How do you feel about money? Do you think you'll be rich, or do you worry about bills? Are you worthy of an awesome relationship, or will you just settle for the first person who comes along? Do you have your dream job or do you just do what you can to get by?

Do you live life on your terms, or struggle desperately not to be noticed? OK, no more probing questions.

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  8. The point I was making is that we ALL have beliefs about ourselves stored at the subconscious level. There is more and more research suggesting that whatever we believe to be true at this level , tends to become a self-fulfilling prophecy. What would happen if you suddenly started to think like a rich person, seeing opportunities where before you noticed nothing? Or how would you feel if you started to build up your self esteem, so that you could have the confidence to get the partner, job, or life that you want?

    I've found that listening to empowering messages when in a level of theta brain wave activity helps me to absorb the message in an "uncritical fashion", allowing me to communicate with my subconscious at a deep, deep level, and thus make gains much faster than by conscious effort alone.

    Delta Brain Waves: 9 Things You Should Probably Know

    For example, I managed to treble my earnings working in sales after listening to guided theta binaural beats, and totally changed my beliefs about money in just a few months. The good news is there are loads of guided meditations which will not only take you into theta brain waves, but will make you feel good about yourself at the unconscious level too. These are some of my favourite types of brainwave entrainment - and you can get them on topics such as money, confidence, creativity, success, relationships, weight loss, smoking and more.

    OK, first of all please allow me to be blunt: you will not find it as easy to access the theta state as you will to experience alpha.

    Alpha Brain Waves – Everything You Need To Know

    It takes a little bit of practice - and the beats are stronger - so my advice is to get some alpha tones first, and when you're comfortable with them, move on unless you're a mind adventurer, and are used to When you're ready for theta brain waves, choose an appropriate program see below for my favourites , sit down somewhere comfortable, pop some headphones in, and start to slow your breathing down by taking some deep breaths.

    Try to "let go" of your day, and just begin to float away.

    Theta Brain Waves

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    Generating brainwaves for healing

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