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Another mixing method might be a ready-to-go mix made of combinations either of juice foam generating agent or of syrup foam generating agent. They are added to the container with water along with the oxygen.

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Such a problem originates from the fact that both the quality control of the mixing process and the quality control of the ready cocktail are quite difficult. The mixing of this amount can be completed in 6 seconds or in seconds. With an oxygen-containing cocktail, consumer appeal largely depends on its level of oxygen saturation. This said, it must be specified that oxygen saturation does not depend on the timing of the mixing process, but rather on the intensity of mixing in the container. Numerous tests reveal that the longer the mixing lasts, the less oxygen content is found in the final product.

It is worth noting that the quality of ready cocktail also depends on the cross-section measurement of the mixing tank. The mixing tank cross section measurement is taken in the area where actual mixing is occurs. To be specific, a figure of crucial importance is the area dimension of the cocktail contact with the atmosphere an open tank has direct contact with the atmosphere , or, the area dimensions of cocktail contact with the air located above the mixing compound this refers to a closed tank, which has no direct contact with the atmosphere. In cases where the cocktail quality depends on the mixing period, problems arise in that it becomes difficult to control the cocktail quality and its readiness.

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Representatives of other types of birds are used very rarely for this kind of research. Although gulls, like doves, have a relatively primitively developed brain, their behavior is highly flexible and they can easily adapt to the specifics of environment. Accordingly to Laurence, et al, an animal can demonstrate its true wealth and complexity of psychology only when in its natural environment. The current work demonstrates exactly this kind of attempt having been made. This model is primarily designed to be used with standard financial products, such as mortgage certificates, securities and real estate.

The credit is secured by the value of the real estate. As such, the real estate going through the transaction is treated as collateral for obtaining the loan. The credited amount is due to be paid during a term of 15 to 30 years. The following four essential components of the real estate market make this credit lending model work: the mortgage lender mortgager , a mortgage bank lien holder , an investor and the state. There are two examples. You go to a real estate agent where you chose the house right for you. They subsequently review your mortgage application. Using companies especially established to trade mortgage-related securities, such as a mortgage certificate or a bill of sale, the government steps into the picture right at this stage.

With help of key players in the market, the government acts as guarantor of the value of the securities used to secure the loan.

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The securities are then sold to the investor, who accrues a small, but steady income. Besides that, there must be a number of organizations, such as pension funds social security funds , insurance companies, etc. Lomakin The incision contour and the soft tissue suturing are the key elements placing non-resorbable skeletal membranes.

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The area and subsequently the degree of the invasiveness necessary depends on the shape of the incision selected. The same is true for the post-operative rehabilitation and the shape of the soft tissues adjacent to the incision. Creating the angles of the incisions along the projection of the area nearest proximity to the cervices of the teeth may provoke gingival recession and root exposure. By making an intrasulcular incision and by concurrently folding back the flap, dehiscence in the periodontal attachment apparatus occurs.

To further form the secondary anchoring in this area between the marginal gum and the surface of the root, it is necessary to wait a long time 2 to 6 months. In other words, during this period of time the patient will not have a solid barrier to block infection. Over the course of active healings 3 weeks after surgical intervention , there will be ample opportunity for spread of infection. For this reason, when reconstructing using non-resorbable frame membranes, we propose incising and shaping the flap while preserving the edge of gums for quicker healing of the surgical area, since it takes days for the incised soft tissues to heal Figure 1.

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By making this type of incision, the edge of the gums is preserved approximately 1. The incision smoothly transitions from an oral into an intrasulcular incision, since in this area, as a rule, the flap is not folded back. Thus, preserving the edge of the gums in a vascularized and hence perfused condition. And, it creates an environment conducive to rapid healing Figures 2, 3, 4, 5. Figure 1 diagram of how the encircling marginal incision is made Figure 2 an example of how the encircling marginal incision is being made in the anterior segment of the upper jaw.

Figure 3 is an example of the encircling marginal incision being made in the area near tooth 13 the photograph was taken through an intraoral dental mirror Figure 4 is an example of how the encircling marginal incision is made during reconstruction near the missing teeth 11, Figure 5 is an example of how the encircling marginal incision is made during reconstruction in the area of teeth 11, 12, 21, The next step described in this article is the shaping and suturing of the soft tissue.

To avoid possible exposure of the membranes in the post-operative period it is not sufficient to suture the tissues in a single layer as is usually practiced in the majority of surgeries of this kind. Instead, it is necessary to create a secondary, biologically active layer that will provide additional coverage of the membrane surface, in the event the first layer suture line becomes dehisced. The most effective secondary biologically active layer is the periosteum. Applying an additional stage that precipitates the impurities makes it possible to improve the quality of the cleaning even more.

The enzymes come in lyophilic form and withstand transport at room temperature without freezing. Before use, the enzymes must be dissolved in redistilled or deionized water 1 ml per test tube. The remaining kit components must be stored at room temperature there are no unstable compounds in the composition. During storage, sorbent suspension can precipitate.

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If this happens it is sufficient to shake the suspension energetically prior to use to re-homogenize it. Translation - English This is exactly the type of digestive issue that V. Different methods of evaluating digestive function were employed to find solutions to the many issues he faced. These methods included a staged surgical approach based on physiological principles as well as other chemical tests.

Since the methodological basis for the thesis has already been described in detail, we emphasize only the key points.

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In total, Dagayev conducted experiments involving nine dogs, two of which belonged to the control group. One of the two, Volchok , had a fistula performed in the fundus, and the other Belka had an intestinal fistula approximately cm above the ileocecal valve. Three dogs Druzhok, Bobik, Kashtan underwent resection of the pylorus with concurrent stomach-duodenum anastomosis using the Kocher method.

One of the dogs of this group Druzhok had a stomach fistula, whereas the remaining two Bobik and Kashtan had intestinal fistulae at a point located cm above the ileocecal valve. The second test group consisted of three dogs Zholty, Shavka and Verny. All three animals underwent stomach resection Billroth-II type. Zholty had a stomach fistula, and Shavka and Verny had intestinal fistulae.

Similarly to the other dogs in the group, the dog with the button installed had an intestinal fistula performed. To assess the functionality of individual digestive organs, to evaluate the overall digestive process and to receive a quantitative report regarding the degree of nutrient absorption, several methods included in the thesis were used.

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Extensivity was used to determine the general conditions of digestion. Extensivity is a term referring to several important characteristics of the chyme — its discharge velocity per unit of time as well as during certain periods within the digestive process , its acidity or alkalinity and, also, its intensity i. Going through the process, Dagayev relied on I. If meat is introduced, the maximum secretion occurs during the first and, in a practically equal amount, in the second hour; with bread, a spike of discharge always occurs within the first hour, and in the case of milk spiking takes place in the second or even third hour.

To fully assess the motor functions of the digestive tract and to learn more about the evacuation of the stomach contents into the intestines, Dagayev conducted special tests on both the normal dog Volchok and the dogs that underwent pylorectomy. Based on the scientific data available during those years, he identified three fundamental factors determining the velocity of stomach evacuation: a the quantity of food introduced into the stomach; b time passed since the meal; c the duodenum reflex occurring upon gastric juices coming into contact with the duodenal wall.

Using a logical approach to the practicability of digestive conditions during the digestive process, Dagayev believes it feasible that the strain the stomach experiences while evacuating into the intestines largely depends on both the quantity of chyme to be evacuated and the time of evacuation. It is a well-known fact that the stomach cannot metabolise sugar and, as such, performs only a motor function.

Tests conducted on a control dog revealed that the motor function of the stomach in general corresponds to the formula he developed. Tests conducted using Druzhok, who underwent pylorectomy, disclosed that stomach evacuation in this case followed the same course as with the control group dogs.

In contrast with the control group animals, evacuation proceeded at a slower speed. In general, evacuation in both dogs continued in a similar pattern, but the dog having undergone surgery expelled the sugar solution at a slower pace. Translation - English It was a splendid sunny Sunday morning. There was a lively sort of holiday atmosphere in the dining room of one Moscow family.

It was one of those rare times when the entire family could get together. Everyone loved these occasions, even one-year-old Nastya. She was the youngest and therefore the most important member of the family at the table.