The Sons of Herakles

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I have been there.

I have seen it. For your father laid waste to Thebes, as a message to all Hellas, all who dare challenge the Sons of Herakles! The Bronze Age, Greece. The Trojan War ended long ago. The hero Herakles has fallen and since his son is not of age, the control of the Peloponnese is lost to the Mycenaeans. Aristodemos, descendant of Herakles and king of the Dorians is taught from birth of his destiny to conquer Tisamenus, the tyrant of the Mycenaean Empire.

With all odds against him, he must learn to teach his tribe of savages to become an army of warriors, while undertaking a perilous journey across Greece to fulfill their ancestor's legacy. Should Aristodemos and his tribesmen be victorious, they will alter the course of history forever. Steeped in the most ancient of myths, this swift and bloody struggle depicts a historical time least known.

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My well-famed [with good kleos ] husband needs no witness Since from the face of such a guest [ xenos ] each friend [ philos ]. This insult [ hubris ] had been offered, I with ease would have repelled it;. I am your suppliant too; to grace [ kharis ] add grace [ kharis ],. To array [verb of kosmos ] my children in the dress of death; Go in, array [verb of kosmos ] yourselves; I begrudge you not your robes.

The Sons of Herakles

When you are dressed with such attire [ kosmos ] as suits you,. You are an ignorant god or you are by nature not just [ dikaios ]. Far from his house each faithless friend [ philoi ] is fled. I brought you forth, I nurtured you, to be insulted [ hubris ],. Neither great wealth [ olbos ], nor reputation is known to be. O venerable man, do I spy my dearest [most philos ] or what do I see? O most dear [most philos ] of men! O light coming to your father.

By faction [ stasis ]; now he holds power over the seven gates.

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But why this dress [ kosmos ], which suits the infernal powers? Herakles : Should you by force [ bia ] have died? Wretched me! We were bereft of friends [ philoi ]: we heard you were dead.

Why then did you leave my house [ oikos ] and household gods? Megara : We were forced [ bia ]; your father was dragged from. It is for you, my son, to be a friend [ philos ] to friends [ philoi ] The city [ polis ], son, till this deed be well achieved.

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I will not leave off from the Graces [ Kharites ] strophe. Staked round with swords, the all-evil [all kakos ] thinking There is silence in the house: let us turn to dances [ khoroi ]. And this my office, never to by admired by friends [ philoi ], I am directing you to the better path instead of the evil [ kakos ] one.


Soon the children will breathe their last at the hands of their father. What kind of journey But he, who thought. Why have you brought him into a sea of troubles [ kaka ]?