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After about 20 minutes looking around the shop the young ladies left to start hitching to Rotorua. Pete began chatting to an older lady who had come into the shop while the young ladies were telling Pete their story. He told the older lady how sorry he felt for the girls hitching to Rotorua.

Psychic Hot Line Secrets: Clairvoyance or Hoax?

The older lady reacted immediately and told Pete to go fetch those girls back….. She was driving to Rotorua and had stopped in at the shop for a break as she was really tired….

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Turns out one of the girls also had a New Zealand driver's license. About three weeks the older lady popped back into the shop and shared what happened, when the threesome arrived in Rotorua, the older lady organized some site seeing and cultural experience for the two young ladies.

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Recently I went to a funeral of a client and friend, I'm going to call him Mr P to protect the families privacy. The service had just started when I felt a rush of emotion, I looked over to my left and there sitting beside me was Mr P.

I started reassuring him that it was ok, and the emotions that I was feeling calmed and he smiled at me. He continued sitting with me for about 10 minutes then disappeared to reappear beside a man sitting close to his wife. Mr P stayed with this man and he got up to speak at the funeral, with Mr P standing right beside him.

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I realised as this man spoke the he was best friends with Mr P, and it was very obvious with the way Mr P looked at him he felt the same. Skip navigation!

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Story from Spirit. As much as we love to use runes and tarot cards to gauge the future, there's something to be said for plain old human intuition, too.

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Yes, we're talking about actual psychic abilities. Whether or not you believe that it's possible to receive frequencies from the other side, plenty of people claim to have had one-off premonitions of things to come.

Telling ‘Real’ from ‘Fake’ Psychics

Luckily, for those of us who want to believe, many of these people have shared their experiences on Reddit. From distinct visions to vague feelings, their stories will make you wonder about your own capacity for clairvoyance.

In other words, it's time to dust off the ol' crystal ball. Click through to read some seriously convincing tales of psychic experiences.