What We Shall Become: The Future and Structure of the Episcopal Church

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Click here to see the website of The Episcopal Church. Where the Episcopal Church is now. According to Jenifer Gamber, there are now about 2. The Episcopal Church is part of a fellowship of independent churches worldwide known as the Anglican Communion, which continue to look to the Church of England and particularly the Archbishop of Canterbury for non-binding guidance. There are about 70 million Christians in the Anglican Communion in 44 independently governed churches situated in more than countries.

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Although not all Episcopalians are in full agreement on all matters, all are called to respect the opinions of others. What does it mean to be created in the image of God? Why then do we live apart from God and out of harmony with creation? From the beginning, human beings have misused their freedom and made wrong choices.

Why do we not use our freedom as we should? Because we rebel against God, and we put ourselves in the place of God. What help is there for us? Our help is in God.

How did God first help us? What does this mean? What does this mean about our place in the universe? What does this mean about human life? How was this revelation handed down to us? A covenant is a relationship initiated by God, to which a body of people responds in faith. What is the Old Covenant?

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The Old Covenant is the one given by God to the Hebrew people. What did God promise them? God promised that they would be his people to bring all the nations of the world to him. What response did God require from the chosen people? Where is this Old Covenant to be found? The Ten Commandments are the laws given to Moses and the people of Israel.

What do we learn from these commandments? We learn two things: our duty to God, and our duty to our neighbors. What is our duty to God? What is our duty to our neighbors? What is the purpose of the Ten Commandments? The Ten Commandments were given to define our relationship with God and our neighbors. Since we do not fully obey them, are they useful at all? How does sin have power over us? What is redemption?

What We Shall Become

Redemption is the act of God which sets us free from the power of evil, sin, and death. How did God prepare us for redemption? What is meant by the Messiah? Who do we believe is the Messiah? We mean that Jesus is the only perfect image of the Father, and shows us the nature of God. What is the nature of God revealed in Jesus? God is love. Why did he take our human nature?

By his resurrection, Jesus overcame death and opened for us the way of eternal life. What do we mean when we say that he descended to the dead? We mean that he went to the departed and offered them also the benefits of redemption. How can we share in his victory over sin, suffering, and death?

What did the Messiah promise in the New Covenant? Christ promised to bring us into the kingdom of God and give us life in all its fullness. What response did Christ require? Christ commanded us to believe in him and to keep his commandments. What are the commandments taught by Christ? Christ taught us the Summary of the Law and gave us the New Commandment.

The Constitution of the Anglican Church in Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia: A Model for Europe?

What is the Summary of the Law? What is the New Commandment? The New Commandment is that we love one another as Christ loved us. Where may we find what Christians believe about Christ? The creeds are statements of our basic beliefs about God. How many creeds does this Church use in its worship? What is the Nicene Creed?

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The Nicene Creed is the creed of the universal Church and is used at the Eucharist. What, then, is the Athanasian Creed? What is the Trinity?

Which Church Father Are You?

How is the Holy Spirit revealed in the Old Covenant? How is the Holy Spirit revealed in the New Covenant? How do we recognize the presence of the Holy Spirit in our lives? How do we recognize the truths taught by the Holy Spirit? What is the Old Testament? What is the New Testament?

What is the Apocrypha? Why do we call the Holy Scriptures the Word of God? How do we understand the meaning of the Bible? The Church is the community of the New Covenant. How is the Church described in the Bible? How is the Church described in the creeds? The Church is described as one, holy, catholic, and apostolic. Why is the Church described as one?